Wild Zero (2000)

July 3, 2009 - 6:37am | FrighT MasteR
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Tetsuro Takeuchi
Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf, Bass Wolf, Masashi Endô

I really enjoyed this film. There are many plot holes, but you forget all of them because of all the whacked out shit that's going on. From what I gather aliens are taking over the world. They turn local townspeople into zombies and some rock n' rollers are left to fend off against them. It's a silly plot, but who needs a good plot when you got a bunch of zombies and loads of guns. There's a mixture of sci-fi, comedy, horror, action, and yes, even romance! There's a funny scene where these two zombies come together and kiss. They were lovers in life and now lovers in death. This film reminded me of some of the Troma films we have in the US, so if you're a fan you might enjoy this movie.

Other stuff I thought was cool was how they used computer effects to create the exploding zombie heads when someone would shoot them. It looked pretty sweet at first, but it gets a little old fast; still cool to see though. There were good graphics in most of the film, but for the effect used in the climactic ending it just got a little silly and unrealistic. For the zombies themselves - They reminded me of the ones from Dawn of the Dead. They were rather blue and incredibly slow. I think the director was inspired by such classic Romero films as Dawn and especially Night, because they even make reference to the film in this movie.

There's a lot of comedy in this that made it fun to watch. Kind of like with the comedy in Evil Dead 2. There's just so much weird shit going on in this movie, it's hard to name it all. Some of it reminded me of a comic book because some of the characters seemed to have some magical powers. They don't really explain anything, but I don't think an explanation was needed. I was surprised that in all the chaos they had time to throw in a little transvestite romance in the mix *gags* Anyway, I thought the directing by Tetsuro was unique and fast-paced. I really enjoyed this. Would have given the movie a higher rating, except I didn't really like how the zombie acted and looked and I thought the ending could have been a lot better.

Very cool Japanese flick. It's got it all - tits, zombies, rock n' roll, magic powers, alien takeovers, gore, comedy. If you're a fan of Troma or of zombies in general, check this film out!

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