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Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

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Greg McLean
106 minutes
John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn, Philipe Klaus

Wolf Creek hit the scene in 2005 with mixed reviews. Despite being a little slow paced, I personally liked the film and it's somewhat realistic approach towards survival horror. A sequel had been long in development for some time and after some bumps along the way our favorite Aussie killer is finally back in Wolf Creek 2--a surprisingly entertaining sequel that succeeds in certain aspects that its predecessor failed in.

The film wastes no time kicking into gear as Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) mercilessly kills a couple police officers in the first 10-minutes. That pretty much sets the tone and pacing for the rest of the movie, which doesn't really let up until the final act. The story shifts focus a couple times, but it mainly revolves around a young British guy who finds himself running for his life against the notorious killer, who spends a majority of the flick hunting him down.

While the first film primarily focused on a slow-burn story and lots of suspense, this sequel was more of a faster-paced straight forward road-themed slasher. Mick Taylor is a new horror icon for the ages, as he's so brutal and unforgiving as he ever was. The man will literally kill anyone and any thing that gets in his way (this is especially proven when he mows down a herd of kangaroos like nothing).  Thankfully we're also given a good amount of gore and even some cringe-worthy deaths. One particular death that stands out for me involves a realistic looking beheading (gotta love practical effects).

Of course the movie is not without its faults--there's very little character development and the last 30-minutes of the movie seriously drags and almost feels as if the filmmakers didn't really know what else to do with the characters. Aside from that I dug the flick a bit more than the first, however would've liked it a lot better had there been more to the climax than what was given.

Wolf Creek 2's pacing is improved in comparison to the first, but it's in exchange with a lack of character development, and while it's fun and the gore is kicked up a notch, we still have to eventually suffer through the tedious final act. In ways it's better, but also worse than its predecessor, but ultimately ends up being a surprisingly above average sequel. Worth a look.

Posted on May 1, 2014 - 11:50pm | FrighT MasteR