Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead (2009)

October 14, 2009 - 5:13pm | FrighT MasteR
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Declan O'Brien
Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan, Chucky Venice, Mac McDonald, Jake Curran, Mike Straub, Tom Frederic, Gil Kolirin, Tom Mackey

In 2003 we were given Wrong Turn from director Rob Schmidt, which was a great throwback to old backwoods horror. Some years later we were given the lower-budgeted sequel, which although paled in comparison to the original, still managed to be a decent flick and possibly even upped the gore. Now in 2009 we're given the even lower-budgeted Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead from SyFy movie extraordinaire Declan O'Brien. Him alone should have been an indication as to what us fans could expect from the lackluster, and hopefully final, installment in the series.

If anything, the films' premise is somewhat interesting, as we follow a group of inmates being transferred to another prison via a bus that takes the back routes of West Virginia in hopes of avoiding any potential escape attempts. Of course they didn't expect to run into the infamous Three Finger and his truck, who ends up running the bus off the road. Aside from the fact that we follow an uncommon group of leads, the film really doesn't offer anything we haven't already seen, in fact, much of what it does give us is just straight-up poorly executed. Much of the cast are off'd by traps laid out by Three Finger, and when someone gets caught in it we're shown some horrible CGI effects.

I guess director Declan O'Brien is too used to working with bad CGI (being that his films went to SyFy) because that's exactly what we got here. Why they decided to do away with the practical effects that were present in the past films is beyond me, because they clearly did the job much better than these POS computer generated ones. Then we have the mutant inbreds, or should I say, "Inbred" because the only mutant we have in this film is Three Finger. Unless you count one other mutant that only appeared on screen for a few pointless minutes. Three Finger is great and all (at least in the first movie, and okay in the second), but to only have him as the main baddie for a third film is just damn lazy.

Was writer Connor James Delaney just not interested in throwing in a couple new inbred family members? Don't even get me started on Turkish Brit actor Tamer Hassan playing the leader of the Mexican inmates, but just thinking about it makes my head hurt.

In the end this film is just proof that some films just shouldn't even have sequels. Poorly written, directed, acted, and delivers some horrible CGI effects. Skip this mess.

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