Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

October 2, 2011 - 6:47pm | FrighT MasteR
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Declan O'Brien
Sean Skene, Daniel Skene, Scott Johnson, Jennifer Pudavick, Tenika Davis

Despite the previous sequel being a waste of time, FOX decided to move forward with another installment in the franchise; even giving previous director Declan O'Brien another shot at it. Since all the key members of infamous inbred family have been killed off, they decided to make the fourth addition a prequel, giving the filmmakers an excellent excuse to bring back the beloved "Three Finger", "One Eye" and "Saw-Tooth." Although Bloody Beginnings is a surprising improvement over the third, it's still far from a good movie.

The film starts off in the past, where we're shown young versions of the lead cannibals (Three Finger, etc..) locked up in a sanatorium. Naturally they escape their cell, release their fellow inmates, and kill off the surviving staff. Fast-forward to 2003 and we're introduced to our new set of potential victims, who are your standard group of friends and couples. Mimicking Norway's slasher Cold Prey, the group attempt to snowmobile their way to a secluded cabin, and end up making a "wrong turn," leaving them lost and forced to seek shelter from the approaching winter storm at a nearby abandoned building, which just so happens to be the seemingly vacant sanatorium.

I'm not sure if the film received a bigger budget than the previous effort, but it definitely has the appearance of looking more cleaned up and professionally shot, where-as the third just looked cheap and half-assed in every aspect. Another noticeable improvement are the effects, namely the make-up and practical effects used for the deaths. The filmmakers obviously tried to amp up the gore this time 'round; giving us a nice collection of severed heads and ripped limbs. Though, for whatever reason they decided to use CGI for one particular death that just ended up looking really bad.

I was hoping to have a bit more back-story on the cannibals, but aside from a quick introduction of who they are and why they're in there, we're not given anything else. Aside from some of the excess nudity and gore, the flick offers little else in redeeming values. The script is as basic as you can get, delivering horrible dialogue, uninteresting characters and as much predictability as you'd expect from a movie like this.

Bloody Beginnings is a minor improvement over the previous effort, but still not enough to remove the bad taste part three left in our mouths. Aside from some of the gore and excess nudity, there's really nothing else worth noting about this bland installment in the Wrong Turn franchise.

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