Zombie 5: Killing Birds (1987)

December 9, 2010 - 1:00am | FrighT MasteR
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Claudio Lattanzi, Joe D'Amato
Lara Wendel, Robert Vaughn, Timothy W. Watts, Leslie Cumming, James Villemaire, Sal Maggiore, James Sutterfield

Man, what a bore-fest this movie turned out to be. I should've read more stuff on this flick before checking it out, because I was hoping for a little zombie action, but instead got a movie about dumbass killing birds. I should've payed attention to the sub-title more *sigh*...

The movie was originally titled Killing Birds, but for one reason or another, they gave it the 'Zombie 5' part of it. Don't be fooled, because it really has nothing to do with previous Zombie films or even have much for "zombies" at all. The story is basically about a group of students that go to a secluded home in the woods for a couple days to do further study on some rare birds. Little do they know that the man who invited them killed his wife and her lover some 20 years ago.

The biggest problem with this movie is it's incredibly slow-pace and fake-ass effects. Barely anything happens in this flick and when it does, it's nothing special. Hell, by the time the action picked up I was off checking my email or making a sandwich. It's sad that it took two directors to make this boring flick. Considering I liked Redneck Zombies better really says a lot about this movie. I say avoid this and leave the killing birds to Alfred Hitchcock's classic' Birds.

An incredibly boring movie. Too slow-paced and it's mainly about birds that kill people than anything about zombies. Don't bother.

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