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Zombie Doom (1999)

  Tags: 90's, Andreas Schnaas, blood, cheesy, gore, low budget, splatter, undead, Violent Shit 3: Infantry of Doom, walking dead, zombie doom

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Andreas Schnaas
85 minutes
Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus, Steve Aquilina, Beate Brüggmann, Uwe Grüntjes

This movie might be better known as Violent Shit 3: Infantry of Doom, which is the original title. Zombie Doom is the US-video title. The previous Violent Shit films dealt with the same character named "Karl the Butcher." I found this movie to actually be somewhat watchable thanks to all the strange stuff it had. I don't know why they decided to call the movie Zombie Doom though, since there are barely any zombies. This was more of Action/Horror film than anything, because it had a lot of ninjas thrown in the mix of strange monsters and zombies.

The plot is basically about these three guys, who get stranded on an island and get picked up by a militia that lives on the island. The three men are held captive and are forced to view deaths of some of the militia men, because of their disobedience towards the leader. Two of the men are set free and forced to run for their lives, while the militia men hunt them down for fun. They end up being accompanied by an ex-militia member, who was thrown out.

What made this movie actually watch-able was the fact that it had some interesting characters, unlike the other Andreas Schnaas movies. The Asian "ninja" guys in the movie were actually somewhat cool and kicked some good militia ass towards the end of the movie. The choreography was nothing to brag about, and I questioned whether the ninjas actually had martial arts skills, but it was still interesting to watch them pretend to hit each other. It looked like the director actually had a somewhat bigger budget for this movie and the gore was slightly better than the previous Andreas Schnaas films. It was also good to see that they didn't reuse a lot of actors this time. They actually had a lot of guys. I can see why it is called "Violent Shit" since a lot of the scenes are pretty violent.

I found one scene in the film involving a monster eating a woman's breast very funny, since they used, what looked to me like a small toy Godzilla. Though, despite all the violent scenes and gore in the film, the only thing that somewhat grossed me out was when they showed the women that was being tortured had their arms tied up and you could clearly see that they did not shave their armpits. Damn German women and their hairy ass armpits. Yet again this movie is badly dubbed, acted, and directed, but thanks to some of the somewhat enjoyable scenes and characters, I decided to give it a 4-rating. Now after seeing the third part in the Violent Shit trilogy does it make me want to see the previous films? Nope. It's interesting and all, but I don't think I can take anymore of Andreas Schnaas low-budget films.

A badly done film, but decent for those of you who might like pointless violence and lots of gore. Otherwise, stay away!

Posted on October 22, 2009 - 10:51pm | FrighT MasteR