Zombie High (1987)

January 15, 2012 - 12:09am | FrighT MasteR
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Ron Link
Virginia Madsen, Paul Feig, Sherilyn Fenn, Clare Carey, Scott Coffey, Richard Cox, Kay E. Kuter, James Wilder, Paul Williams, Henry Sutton

When I think "Zombie High" I think of a fun flick with a group of high school students taking on their zombified classmates in an epic battle on school grounds. Instead, what we're actually given is a excruciatingly dull movie about lobotomized students becoming successful in life (WTF??). That's essentially the story for the misleading "Zombie High," as we follow a young Virginia Madsen who accepts a scholarship at a prestigious boarding school where she notices something amiss with her fellow classmates.

Things are especially dubious when one of her peers is a rebellious outspoken sonuva bitch one minute, then an emotionless creeper the next. Virginia eventually discovers that the students are undergoing brain surgery against their will and the school's elder staff are benefiting from it. Apparently they extract certain parts of the brain and mix it with blood to create a means of eternal life. Now Virginia must find a way outta the school before she too becomes yet another science experiment.

The first thing that popped in my head while watching the movie was the 1998 teen-oriented genre flick, Disturbing Behavior. Naturally that movie borrowed lots from this, but at least it was far more entertaining than this plodding snoozefest. Not much happens until the half-way mark, where the truth about the school begins to unravel and the dreary serious tone shifts into a more comedic and quicker-paced outing. Unfortunately at that point I really didn't care what happened, as I realized not only was there not going to be any actual "zombies" but there wasn't gonna be much of anything else either.

With its incredibly slow pacing and uninteresting storyline, Zombie High offers very little in the form of entertainment. Aside from a young Virginia Madsen, there really is no reason to watch this, especially if you go in expecting zombies. Unless you wanna be bored outta your mind, I'd advise skipping this.

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