Tooth and Nail (2007)

March 7, 2010 - 8:08pm | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: After Dark Films, Alexandra Barreto, Beverly Hynds, cannibalism, cannibals, Emily Catherine Young, Kevin E. Scott, Michael Kelly, Michael Madsen, Nicole DuPort, post-apocalyptic, Rachel Miner, Rider Strong, Robert Carradine, Tooth and Nail, Vinnie Jones, Zack Robidas

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Mark Young
Nicole DuPort, Rider Strong, Michael Kelly, Alexandra Barreto, Robert Carradine, Emily Catherine Young, Kevin E. Scott, Zack Robidas, Beverly Hynds, Rachel Miner, Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones

Tooth and Nail originally made its theatrical debut in After Dark Film's horrorfest back in 2007 and I've been curious about it ever since. Despite the negative reviews it received, I've been meaning to watch it, as I'm partial to post-apocalyptic and cannibalism films. As expected from the films of the horrorfest -- it wasn't very good and should've stuck with its intended DVD premiere.

Tourist Trap (1979)

October 27, 2009 - 12:39am | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: 70's, Chuck Connors, David Schmoeller, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, slasher, Tanya Roberts, tourist trap, underrated

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David Schmoeller
Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, Tanya Roberts

I heard a lot of positive stuff on this film and it took me a while to check it out for myself, but I'm glad I did. This is one of those underrated horror films that most people haven't heard about. The story is pretty simple being about a group of teens (like usual) who come across a man who seems to live on his own at an old wax museum in the country. They end up finding out that there's a killer around the property that has special telekinetic powers.

Train (2008)

December 21, 2009 - 9:27pm | BK
  Tags: Gideon Raff, organ harvesting, POS movie, teens, Thora Birch, Train

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Gideon Raff
Thora Birch, Gideon Emery, Kavan Reece, Derek Magyar, Gloria Votsis, Todd Jensen, Vladimir Vladimirov, Koyna Ruseva, Valentin Ganev, Ivan Barnev, Nikolay Mutafchiev

In the remake era of the modern horror movies, things gradually started to migrate from redoing creepy and successful Asian movies, to giving birth to a new set of updated versions of 80s flicks. When some titles seemed to be chosen from a sound business perspective (Halloween, Friday the 13th), the others were just plain obscure. Who would have thought that Tibor Takacs' The Gate will get a new version? Troll remake?

Train to Busan (2016)

July 25, 2016 - 7:22pm | FrighT MasteR

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Sang-ho Yeon
Yoo Gong, Dong-seok Ma, Kyung-mi Jung, So-hee Ahn, Su-an Kim, Yu-mi Jung

Train to Busan marks director Sang-ho Yeon's live action debut after primarily helming animated features (including a recent zombie one) and for the most part it's a pretty impressive debut, despite not really bringing anything new to the genre. The movie is actually doing quite well in South Korea since zombies aren't something you see much of over there. In fact, it's doing so well that it's even breaking some box office records, like highest single day gross with over $9-million.

Tremors (1990)

September 13, 2016 - 12:05am | Ryan Tutolo

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Ron Underwood
Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Michael Gross, Reba McEntire

There are many films that transcend genres. There are even fewer horror films that manage this feat.  Tremors not only does this but is beloved by nearly everyone.  Hell, even my grandma liked Tremors.  It’s one of those movies that no matter what time of day and what part of the movie is on when you come across it you’ll sit there and watch it till the end. Is it possible that a movie can satisfy anyone from the discerning rom-com fan to the dubious horror nut like ourselves?  Open your minds horror nuts, and let’s take a ride.

Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)

September 21, 2016 - 11:51am | Ryan Tutolo

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S.S. Wilson
Fred Ward, Michael Gross, Helen Shaver, Christopher Gartin, Marcelo Tubert

Sequels are a funny thing.  On one hand you can try to go bigger and bolder (both in terms of action and budget), and on the other hand you can go smaller and more focused.  Tremors 2 decided to go for the latter and ultimately failed.

The filmmakers couldn’t drag Kevin Bacon kicking and screaming to do this smaller movie, but apparently Fred Ward was ready for another go at the graboids.  His character, Earl, is bribed into going to Mexico to kill the subterranean mega-worms for the government to help protect their oil fields. Joining him is an annoying side-kick to replace Val and this time it’s Earl that gets an unnecessary love interest to distract from the story.  One thing leads to another and Burt calls in home prepper Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) to take out the graboids.

Triangle (2009)

November 23, 2009 - 9:29pm | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: Christopher Smith, deserted, Emma Lung, Henry Nixon, Liam Hemsworth, Melissa George, Michael Dorman, ocean, Rachael Carpani, ship

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Christopher Smith
Melissa George, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon

Brit director Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance) returns to the genre once again with Triangle, a movie that'll definitely get your mind all twisted after finishing it. The movie leaves us figuring out our own answers as to what the hell it all means, and hell if I didn't enjoy every bit of it, even if I don't necessary understand everything.

The movie follows a young woman (Melissa George) and a group of friends as they set sail to the open sea for some rest and relaxation. They end up getting caught in a mysterious storm that leaves their boat upturned, but find refuge when a large ominous commercial ship finds its way to them. It's nothing but deja vu for the young woman, who seems to think that she has been in the mysteriously abandoned ship before...

Trick 'r Treat (2008)

September 27, 2009 - 1:56am | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: Anna Paquin, anthology, Brian Cox, DVD, halloween, Legendary Pictures, Michael Dougherty, trick 'r treat, trick r treat, Warner Bros. Pictures

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Michael Dougherty
Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Leslie Bibb, Moneca Delain

Finally after two years, Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat is finally here. The film was originally given an October 2007 theatrical release, but was suddenly pulled from the schedule. It was then talked about receiving an October release the following year, which once again never came into fruition. All-the-while, the film travels various film festivals, receiving nothing but positive feedback. Now, the flick is finally coming to us, but sadly straight to DVD/Blu-ray. On the plus side, since this was meant for a theatrical release, what we're given is a DVD flick that looks like a bigger-budgeted theatrical release.

Trick or Treats (1982)

October 10, 2011 - 10:11pm | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: 80's, 80's Slashers, cheesy, Chris Graver, David Carradine, Gary Graver, halloween, Jackie Giroux, killer, Peter Jason, POS movie, slasher, Steve Railsback, Trick or Treats

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Gary Graver
Jackie Giroux, Peter Jason, Chris Graver, David Carradine, Steve Railsback

Lets not get this film confused with the other 80s movie with a similar name, Trick or Treat. This was incredibly boring. I didn't know much about it before seeing it; so once again, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. If I knew it was going to be this lame and boring I wouldn't have bothered.

The movie starts off when a man is hauled away by workers from a mental institution. He stays there for years until one day he decides to escape. He manages to get out and goes back home to find and kill his wife who put him in the institution in the first place. When he returns home he doesn't realize that his wife is out at a party and a babysitter and little boy are the only ones inside. They are forced to fend off against him.

What makes the movie so boring is the fact that over an hour of it is basically just the little boy playing tricks on the incredibly gullible babysitter. I felt like I was watching America’s Funniest Home Video's, minus the annoying host and stupid audience laughter. You'd never think it was a horror film for the first hour, aside from the fact that the mental patient has a knife and kills a person or two.

Trilogy of Terror II (1996)

June 12, 2010 - 9:55pm | FrighT MasteR
  Tags: 90's, anthology, based on short story, black magic, Blake Heron, cheesy, Dan Curtis, Geoffrey Lewis, Geraint Wyn Davies, greed, He Who Kills, killer doll, killer rats, Lysette Anthony, made for tv, Matt Clark, revenge, Richard Fitzpatrick, sequel, trilogy of terror, underrated, witchcraft, zuni fetish doll

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Dan Curtis
Lysette Anthony, Geraint Wyn Davies, Matt Clark, Geoffrey Lewis, Blake Heron, Richard Fitzpatrick

Trilogy of Terror II is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. Having seen it when it first aired on the USA network a day before Halloween back in 1996, and being an impressionable young horror fan at the time, it was an enjoyable night's worth of entertainment that I never forgot. I decided to revisit that night by giving the film another look to see if it holds up from the last time I saw it, and to my surprise, it does.

Original co-writer/director Dan Curtis returns for this sequel, which is definitely a flawed film, but still managed to hold my attention from the start, delivering some predictable, but entertaining stories that in many respects are still more creative than what we get from the genre now-a-days.




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