An American Werewolf in London

No official plot yet, but the original told the story of a couple American tourists, who are attacked by a local werewolf in a small English town, where one of them survives only to become a werewolf who runs amok in the London streets.

At the Mountains of Madness

Based on a tale by H.P. Lovecraft, the film would detail a gruesome discovery made during the 1930's by a scientific expedition to the South Pole, which hints at the true origin of mankind having come from elder gods from another planet.

Bait (2012)

Burst 3D

A young woman running from her troubles finds herself stranded at a lodge with a group of strangers. One after another, they inexplicably begin to burst into pieces. Shock quickly descends into paranoia as nobody knows who to trust.

Condition Dead

Luther Judge and his team of specialists are the government's response whenever the dead rise from the grave. But a new assignment finds them contending with a mysterious and lethal zombie menace... and Judge's ex-wife.

Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012)

Dead By Dawn

The story follows a touring band called "Romero" that arrives at a gig in Romania, only to find it infested by zombies.

Deadly Friend

No official plot yet, but the original focused on a group of young friends that implant a robot's AI into the brain of their female friend and face the violent consequences of their actions, as the girl goes on a bloody rampage.

Final Destination 5 (2011)

Friday the 13th: Part 13

No official plot yet, but it's said to be a "unique retelling of the origin story" and will feature a young Jason.


It's said to revolve around a bedridden morbidly obese man that's forced to somehow get up and make his way to an apartment across the street, where his sister is said to be held hostage by a crazed surgeon.

Gremlins 3

No official plot yet.


A couple decides to wed in a historic haunted house where a woman was murdered 30 years before.


No official plot yet, but the original told the story of a mysterious puzzle box that's the key to unleashing sadistic demons to the real world.

Julia X 3D

On her third Internet date, Julia meets a man dubbed "The Stranger," a deadly serial killer that prowls the web for female victims, branding each one alphabetically.

Kingdom of the Spiders

No official plot yet, but the original focused on a small town overrun by deadly spiders.

My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

My Soul to Take (2010)

One Way Trip 3D

Eight teenagers decide to take a camping vacation to the Swiss hill country. It's autumn and high season for a powerful, rare magic mushroom that grows there - the main motivation for their trip.

Piranha 3D (2010)