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Sympathy for the Devil

In Development

Caught in the no-man’s land between Saturday night sin and Sunday morning redemption, Louisiana lawman Harlan Stark (Josh Duhamel) finds that his intervention into a spectacular crime –the bold...

Legion (2010)

Legion is a film that had potential to be great, but failed when they set out to make a badass movie and forgot to plug the numerous plot-holes within the script along the way. There are many key elements in the movie that...

Paradise Lost

Development Hell

Lucifer and Michael, God's greatest archangels, share the bond of extraordinary friendship until God produces his greatest creation: Man. Unable to remain subservient to God if it means bowing...
The Called

In Development

Follows two men whose childhood Ouija games ended in horrific tragedy. As estranged adults--one a priest and the other a detective--they begin to realize that whatever they conjured up all those...

11-11-11 (2011)

This is a film that relies less on gore or scares and more on a slow build-up of its story to a dark and hopefully surprising climax. Unfortunately, it's a long dull road getting there and its ending is every bit as...