Alone in the Dark (2005)

A crappy flick, but with some action, gore, and Tara Reid's tits, it manaaged to save itself from getting a...

On Hold
The game told the story of a survivor of a plane crash named Jack, who discovers a once Utopian underwater city...


BloodRayne (2005)

Although better than Alone in the Dark, the movie is still pretty bad. From the horrible choreography to the...

BloodRayne IV
Development Hell
No official plot yet.

In Development
The film will focus on the origins of Dracula and the uprising of the Belmont Clan -- a vampire-slaying family who...

Clock Tower
In Development
It is the story of a young woman who discovers a supernatural evil that terrorizes her town and leaves her...

Dante's Inferno
In Development
Dante Aligheri is a knight who with the help of the poet Virgil ventures into the nine rings of hell to rescue his...

Dead Island
In Development
No official plot yet, but it's said to draw inspiration from the teaser, and focus around a family trying to...


Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015)

Fans of the games may find the flick somewhat entertaining, but on its own it's nothing we haven't...

Dead Space
In Development
Set in the 26th century in deep space, where an engineer who responds to a distress signal from a mining ship...

Dead Trigger
Set in a world where a mysterious virus has killed billions and turned many others into bloodthirsty zombies....

Devil May Cry
In Development
No official plot yet, but the game essentially revolved around the character Dante, who avenges his mother's...


Doom (2005)

Although it's predictable and un-scary, it's a surprisingly entertaining action/horror flick. Check it...

Fatal Frame
Development Hell
No official plot yet, but the game followed a girl, armed with an antique camera that's able to capture and...

Five Nights at Freddy’s
In Development
No official plot yet, but the game takes place in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (a darker version of Chuck-E-Cheese),...


House of the Dead (2003)

A horrible zombie flick. It has a good amount of nudity and gore, but in the end fails to gather up a good story....

It Came from the Desert
Awaiting Release
IT CAME FROM THE DESERT is a motocross action film with giant ants. The film is inspired by a cult video game from...

Metro 2033
In Development
The story is set in 2033, after a nuclear holocaust devastates Moscow and survivors head under ground. The focus...

Monster Hunter
For every Monster, there is a Hero. An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant...

Resident Evil
In Development
No official plot yet, but it's said to be a reboot of the live-action movies.


Resident Evil (2002)

Good entertaining movie. A lot better than I thought it would be. This should satisfy zombie fans and fans of the...


Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Despite being the weakest of the four action and script-wise, the movie still managed to entertain to an extent,...


Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

A highly enjoyable zombie-action ride. Has some plot-holes and other imperfections, but if you don't pay too...


Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

I personally found the film to be the weakest in the series due to its numerous plot-holes and lack of action....


Silent Hill (2006)

Fans of the games may be disappointed by the incredibly thin story-line, but in ways it makes up for it with the...


Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)

If you're a fan of the first installment then chances are you're not going to like the sequel, as it...

Development Hell
The game follows an American med-school student in search of her missing sister in Japan, who begins investigating...

The Darkness
Development Hell
Revolves around a mobster named Jackie Estacado, who discovers he has inherited a murderous power known as "...

The Last of Us
Development Hell
Hardened survivor Joel teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a radically transformed...

Twisted Metal
Development Hell
Like the game, the film will revolve around an underground event that pits a number of combatants in a fight to...




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