Blood on the Highway (2008)

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Borderland (2007)

Brain Damage (1988)

Burst 3D

A young woman running from her troubles finds herself stranded at a lodge with a group of strangers. One after another, they inexplicably begin to burst into pieces. Shock quickly descends into paranoia as nobody knows who to trust.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


Follows a professor traveling to South America to find out what happened to a film crew that disappeared while shooting a documentary about reputed cannibal tribes.

Cherry Falls (2000)

Cold Prey 3 (2010)

Cold Prey III

Set in 1976, the film finds the Stehøe mountain hotel on the brink of bankruptcy after several suspicious and bizarre events.

Dante's Inferno

Dante Aligheri is a knight who with the help of the poet Virgil ventures into the nine rings of hell to rescue his beloved Beatrice. In the process, he becomes an unwitting pawn in an ancient war between heaven and hell.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead (2008)

Daybreakers (2010)

Dead Dudes in the House (1989)

Dead Heat (1988)

Dead in 3 Days 2 (2008)