Two Eyes Staring

47% of readers want to see this

A family moves to an old mansion in the Belgian countryside, where 9-year-old Lisa befriends the ghost of a mysterious little girl that lives in the basement.


36% of readers want to see this

High school friends Kim, Abby, Feline and newcomer Pippa agree to spend the last few days before their final exams at a remote cottage in the Ardennes. What was meant to be fun girls’ weekend soon turns into a living hell.

Worst Case Scenario

49% of readers want to see this

The story tells of a fictional FIFA World Cup Finale between Germany and Netherlands. When the team from Germany loses, they send out a zombie invasion as revenge.

You Shall Not Sleep

49% of readers want to see this

Set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where a radical theater group experiment with insomnia for the preparation of a stage play.

Zombie Fever

52% of readers want to see this

When a meteor crashes ruining a wild beach party infecting everyone with the “Zombie Fever”... the dead start walking the Earth.