The Noonday Witch

50% of readers want to see this

Tells a story of mother Eliška, and her eight years old daughter Anetka. Together, they move into a remote house to begin their new life with the ‘father away on business’, as the mother claims.

The Village of Shadows

48% of readers want to see this

A group of friends take two separate cars while on a trip to a small village called Ruiflec for the weekend. Upon entering the village the occupants of one of the cars disappears, leaving the remaining group clueless as to what happened.

Through the Shadow

48% of readers want to see this

Laura is hired to work as a tutor, looking after two orphaned children who live in their Uncle's coffee plantation, a remote estate haunted by hostile spirits.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

47% of readers want to see this

A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war.


53% of readers want to see this

Balancing between a failed relationship, uninspiring studies and financial problems, headstrong student Irina finds herself stuck in the modern rat race.

Two Eyes Staring

44% of readers want to see this

A family moves to an old mansion in the Belgian countryside, where 9-year-old Lisa befriends the ghost of a mysterious little girl that lives in the basement.

Worst Case Scenario

43% of readers want to see this

The story tells of a fictional FIFA World Cup Finale between Germany and Netherlands. When the team from Germany loses, they send out a zombie invasion as revenge.

You Shall Not Sleep

47% of readers want to see this

Set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where a radical theater group experiment with insomnia for the preparation of a stage play.

Zombie Fever

49% of readers want to see this

When a meteor crashes ruining a wild beach party infecting everyone with the “Zombie Fever”... the dead start walking the Earth.