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The Wig (2005)

If you can look past it's somewhat silly premise, you'll find that it's a surprisingly good and sometimes even creepy flick. Worth a check.

The Ring 3

In Development

No official plot yet, but it's said that the producers hope to "re-invent" the series and possibly make it more teen friendly than the previous installments.

The Pact (2012)

The Pact is a surprisingly good addition to the supernatural sub-genre that proves with the right talent an indie film can still exceed bigger-budgeted mainstream efforts. If you're looking for a simple flick with an...


The Eye (2008)

I didn't care for the characters, the scares didn't work, and I was bored the entire time since I knew exactly what would happen next. If you've seen the original film, then skip this mess.

The Echo poster

The Echo (2008)

Creepy ghost story with a suspenseful atmosphere. The Echo definitely surpasses the original in every single aspect and it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised. It's all ready out on DVD in several countries so...


The Devil's Backbone (2001)

A good original story. Expected more scares and a better ending, but still enjoyable and interesting. Check this.

The Butcher Bride

In Development

Thirty years ago, a depraved assault during a Halloween costume ball shattered a young woman's mind, turning her into a brutal mass murderer. Dressed in her rival's blood-soaked wedding...
Second Coming

Second Coming (2009)

Stay away from this movie and simply add it to the list of Vivendi failures. This film is just a miserable watch and really goes nowhere. The viewer will be appalled by the ending and really never connects with the...


Lake Mungo (2008)

Joel Anderson is simply masterful here and creates a unique ghost story that will leave you chilled to bone. While certainly a scary and disturbing film, it also plays to the strengths of the family. The loving bond between...

Skjult poster

Hidden (2009)

Hidden is a bit too clichéd and overambitious for its own good but it's still a rather suspense full horror flick which deserved to do better than it did at the local box-office. I really hope we get to see a DVD...


Death Spa (1988)

Some might disagree, but to me it's a very underrated 80's horror film. It had some really sweet death scenes and gore. Only bad thing about the movie are the plot-holes. Check this film and try to get the uncut...


Cry Baby Lane (2000)

Ultimately, Cry Baby Lane is nothing more than a simple, but amusing children's ghost tale. It doesn't try to break any new ground for the genre, but at the same time offers an interesting story that you somehow...

205 - Room of Fear

Awaiting Release

What happened in Room 205? Why has no one lived there for over a year? Katrin could care less: the 19-year-old student has landed a room in the dorm, and that means freedom! Freedom from home and her...