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Saw IV (2007)

The weakest in the series in terms of story and character development. Although they managed to deliver more clever traps and lots of gore, the storyline wasn't as engaging as the other movies, and the "twist...


Saw V (2008)

Proof that the Saw series is dead. This was a very disappointing and lackluster installment in the seemingly never-ending franchise, and I hate to say it but I've seen straight-to-DVD features better than this. Check...

The Collector Poster

The Collector (2009)

The Collector was a bit of a mixed bag for me; I didn’t hate it by any means but I didn’t fully enjoy the experience. However for a movie to attempt to scare the audience again and to partially succeed, gets points in my...

The Outer Limits

In Development

No official plot yet, but this would be a feature film that's based on the original hit 60's television series.

Piranha 3DD (2012)

If you're expecting to see a film that's anything like its predecessor then you're better off rewatching the first, because you won't find it here. While Piranha 3D was a fun and gory ride, this sequel...


The Collection (2012)

It's rare to find a sequel surpass its predecessor, but The Collection managed to pull it off and offer much more than we were ever given in the past and continues to make the Collector himself an all-the-more...

The ABCs of Death 2


The obvious sequel to the ambitious anthology ABCs of Death, featuring 26 new tales of death and each director tackling a letter of the alphabet.
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

In Development

Said to be about a group of outcast kids who stand up to their fears to save their town when nightmares come to life.