A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

With its mess of a script, wasted potential, and questionable effects work, the new Nightmare on Elm Street is...

Inherit the Earth
In Development
The film focuses on a young girl who is the last survivor on earth. She is protected by a group of robots from a...

In Development
Revolves around a straight edge teen girl and her rebellious, socially outcast brother, as they try to escape from...

Near Dark
Development Hell
The original told the story of a traveling family of vampires, who reluctantly bring a young new member into their...

Rosmary's Baby
Development Hell
No official plot yet, but the original told the story of a young couple, who move into a New York apartment, where...

The Birds
In Development
No official plot yet, but the original told of a town riddled with birds which attack anyone in sight.

The Butcherhouse Chronicles
In Development
No official plot yet, but it's said to revolve around four teenagers in a small town, who explore and uncover...

The Hauntrepreneur
In Development
The story centers on a family that has trouble adjusting to a new town and hires a peculiar man, the...


The Purge (2013)

The Purge is an interesting, but problematic film that offers a great concept, but poor execution. What we have is...

The Sacrifice
In Development
The story is said to revolve around a college girl who investigates her brother's death, only to discover...




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