Stephen Susco

The Butcherhouse Chronicles

41% of readers want to see this

No official plot yet, but it's said to revolve around four teenagers in a small town, who explore and uncover the secrets behind a notorious haunted house.


45% of readers want to see this

Tells the story of a group of airplane passengers who encounter an otherworldly force shortly after takeoff and are thrown into a fight for their lives.


44% of readers want to see this

Julia and Alexis are supposed to be working on their history presentation. But Alexis is bored. She decides to send a nasty message from Julia's computer to another girl... who died three years ago... a decision she will soon regret.

Zero Dark Thirty

47% of readers want to see this

The film revolves around a U.S. Army solider named Andy Woodward, who returns home from Afghanistan -- weeks after his own funeral.