Awaiting Release
After some bad news back at home, musician Josh and his girlfriend Beth head out to a secluded national park in...

The Bleeding
In Development
An American spy on assignment in Romania stumbles upon a dark secret that the inhabitants of the region have...

The Gathering
In Development
The Devil challenges four of history’s greatest horror writers -- Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker and...

The House Next Door
In Production
Carl Black (Mike Epps) is an over-stressed best-selling author who moves his family to his childhood home so he...

The Knights Templar
Development Hell
Set shortly after the Crusades, the film revolves around the Knights Templar, who are forced to fend against an...

The Last Vampire Princess
Awaiting Release
Pasha is a delivery boy for an express delivery service in Moscow. One evening he is delivering a parcel to a...

The Last Voyage of the Demeter
In Development
Demeter expands upon the captain's log chapter of Bram Stoker's Dracula, in which a ship carried the...

The Monster Squad
Development Hell
No official plot yet, but the original film told the story of a group of young horror fans who find themselves...

The Passage
Development Hell
A post-apocalyptic story about a botched U.S. government experiment that turns a group of death row inmates into...

The Tale of the Body Thief
In Development
No official plot yet, but in the book Lestat, depressed and lonely after centuries as a vampire, decides to...

Undying Love
In Development
The story centers on an ex-soldier who falls for a girl that happens to be a vampire. The only way the two can be...

Awaiting Release
Simon seems like a fairly normal, average young man who's devoted to his teaching job and ailing mother....

Vampire Summer Camp
In Development
It was just another summer in the town of Parish Green until certified “nerd” girl Fern Cohen witnesses a ten-year...

Vampires Vs Leprechauns
A secret lies hidden beneath the sleepy village Comhla Breac. Locals find themselves besieged by creatures of the...

Van Helsing
In Development
No official plot yet.

Development Hell
The story involves a group of American and Indian soldiers in Afghanistan, who go in search for a missing platoon...




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