Beetlejuice 2
In Development
No official plot yet.

Blood Wars
In Development
The story is said to be about vampires who have control of the world and humans are now their slaves. But the...

Death Note: Light Up the New World
Awaiting Release
Set ten years after the events of the previous films, society is afflicted with cyber-terrorism and six different...

Doctor Sleep
No official plot yet, but the novel "begins as Danny Torrance carries the trauma of the Overlook Hotel into...

Godzilla: King of Monsters
The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a...

Development Hell
No official plot yet, but it's said to follow the ghost's perspective of a house it's haunting.


Hidden (2015)

Hidden is a surprisingly good and interesting take on the common survival bunker theme. It keeps the viewer...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
In Development
No official plot yet, but this is yet another remake of the 1954 Jack Finney novel, The Body Snatchers.

Little Shop of Horrors
In Development
A remake of the Roger Corman-directed 1960 low-budget movie about a clumsy young man who raises a plant, discovers...

In Development
No official plot yet, but this is based on the board game with the same name that pits humans in robot suits...

The Meg
In the film, a deep-sea submersible—part of an international undersea observation program—has been attacked by a...

The Overlook Hotel
In Development
The film will tell the origin story of the Overlook Hotel through the eyes of its first owner, Bob T. Watson. A...

The Stand
On Hold
No official plot, but the book told the post-apocalyptic story of a world wiped out by a man-made plague and a war...

Undying Love
In Development
The story centers on an ex-soldier who falls for a girl that happens to be a vampire. The only way the two can be...




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