Figured I'd help this filmmaker out by spreading the news on his flick for those of you would would like to help fund the project and if you could share this info with others!

For indie horror!

Inspired loosely by the scores of 'seemingly random' tragedies, past and present; such as Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charles Whitman the notorious "Clock Tower Shooter" and the recent manhunt for murderous LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner; 'Aneurysm' follows three nightmarish days in the life of young, prosperous architect Jack York.

Jack is given terrible news on the eve of his fifth straight 'Humanitarian of the Year' win; he has a massive blood clot that will surface as an aneurysm in the Limbic System of his brain. This aneurysm will kill him, instantly; or in the slimmest chance, leave him functionally invalid for the rest of his life.

Devastated because he wont be able to witness the birth and life of his first child, Jack goes into an emotional tailspin. Lost in dealing with so many things bigger than himself; death, destiny and the closure of his life, Jack searches for solace and the answers to troubling problems that have plagued is life. Then, the aneurysm hits.

But, instead of killing Jack, the aneurysm eviscerates his mind, sending him on a day long, city wide killing spree that ends up destroying everyone and everything important in his life and exposes the world at large to something far darker than just your average, everyday tragedy... Something that will change the face of humanity, forever.