After obtaining some undeveloped Super 8MM footage, and having it processed, three student filmmakers watch the footage, discovering what they believe could be the remnants of a lost horror movie from the 1970's. Further examination of the footage reveals questionable content, and the precise locations of where it was made, which leads to an investigation by the filmmakers, who plan to make it all into a documentary as part of a school project. Searching for answers behind this disturbing footage in the woods and swamps of Southeastern North Carolina, the three young-men put their lives at risk as they get caught up in an unfortunate chain of events, when the darkness inside SKETCHY HOUSE comes out to play. A horror film unlike any other, "SKETCHY HOUSE" takes the popular "found footage" genre to new levels, with its unique art-house approach, slow burn suspense, and harrowing realism. This is the first true found-footage horror film, assembled by actual footage from the investigation, and the recovered 8MM footage, in order to raise awareness to the public eye, hopefully bringing an end to this tragic story. Names and other personal information have been altered or removed to protect those still living. Suspects still at large.

I saw this movie at a special screening, and I will have to say....the film is pretty good, and quite unique. The 8MM footage scattered throughout the film is definitely the best part, showing some of the scariest looking clowns I've ever seen. The big-big question surrounding this film though, is it actually real? The filmmakers swear on their lives that everything seen is most certainly real. Being a skeptic, it's in my nature to question anything and everything. Do I think it's real? I'm not sure. Maybe some of it's real, and some of it's not. Hard to tell. SKETCHY HOUSE finally has a limited/exclusive DVD release this Summer, before it hits the film festival circuit. I highly recommend contacting them through their Facebook page to pre-order a copy. I was told the copies will only be $10 plus S/H. Check it out!