When Heather Ross and her lifelong friends take one final trip out to a cabin in the woods before they go their separate ways after graduating from college, the weekend takes an unexpected turn when people start disappearing. Is one of their own responsible? How about the killer bear that's rumored to be in the woods? Maybe one of the seemingly unstable hunters that have been drawn to the area and are out to get the bear? Join Heather and the gang as they find out where their loyalties truly lie and discover the secrets of the forest that might become a grave for all of them!


Paul J. Porter, producer, screenwriter and director of Rabid Love, declaring himself as a true horror fan of the 70 and 80s, so he decided to acclimate Rabid Love in the eighties.

In order to create a satisfactory result, Paul says he had to carry out an exhaustive production design work and revise thoroughly distinguished titles of the time like The Burning or the first Friday the 13th.