10 short stories adapted for the screen and brought to you through the eyes of 10 independent horror directors.

Writing Credits
Blaize-Alix Szanto ... (original story) and
David V.G. Davies ... (screenplay)

directed by
Andy Edwards
Antoni McVay
Chris Yardley
David V G Davies
Blaize-Alix Szanto
MJ Dixon
Rob Gifford
Yana Kolesnyk
Simon Edwards
Jason Wright

Filming in Pennsylvania, Glasgow, London,
Newcastle, South Wales and Norway





She was laying there as he pulled her eyes from the sockets. He kissed her and said that she made him feel special. Only someone mentally ill would do something as sick as he did next....

Blaze of Gory is a horror anthology movie guaranteed to shock and disturb. Featuring 10 different stories by 10 different directors, but with one unique writer.

It all started when producer David V G Davies read a short story given to him by a seemingly innocent 12 year old girl. The story so sickened even a hardened horror-hound like David that he knew what he had to do - make it into a film.

The young girl, Blaize, gave him more stories over time, and so the anthology was born. Like a twisted Nick Fury, David has assembled 9 other deviant filmmakers to help turn these unique tales into cinematic nightmares.

“ some of what Blaize had written was so disgusting, I guarantee we are going to cause a stir with this project”