The upcoming paranormal horror movie Mamiwata is holding a Film & Photo contest for the next couple of months, giving away prizes up to $1000. Contest entrants have to Film or Photograph a Mamiwata "trailer," get their friends to vote on it, and be original. Voters will decide the 15 finalists for each contest by popular vote. The Mamiwata Team will then choose three (3) winners among the finalists of each of the two contests, giving them the chance to win between $50 and $1000. For more details and rules just enter the contest page

Based on true events, Mamiwata is about an American professor and his four students, who travel to the heart of the African jungle in search of Iboga, a potential cure for drug addiction. In the process they unwittingly unleash the wrath of Mamiwata, the African Mermaid who guards the sacred shrub.

Mamiwata, which also explores the interesting debate about the use of Iboga in the treatment of drug addiction, was written by Chris Ferrantino. It will be directed by Danielle Fisher and Jordan Best. Guiding the creative team is none other than Dan Myrick, who once wrote and directed the Blair Witch Project. The movie has just entered the pre-production stage, filming is scheduled to begin in late spring.

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