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    BioShock movie to be made by Sony?

    About a year ago famed Bioshock game creator Ken Levine confirmed that Universal Studios had cancelled its plans to adapt a Bioshock film. It was to be headed by director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lone Ranger) but a number of creative issues, including budgetary concerns and whether to shoot for an R-rating or PG-13, led to the project's quick death.

    Well, all is not lost Bioshock fans! Kotaku just broke the news that Sony has registered three domain names: bioshock-movie.com, bioshock-movie.net and bio-shock.net. I think it's safe to surmise that a major film studio registering the domain name bioshock-movie.com is hoping to make-

    ...wait for it.

    ...a Bioshock movie.

    Granted, we have no idea what kind of time frame Sony is working with, whether they've green-lit the project or who's attached to it. So, we'll file this one under: Keeping an eye on it!

    Last year, BioShock creator Ken Levine later claimed he personally killed the project, which was already stuck in development hell and unlikely to ever get made, and suggested Universal got cold feet on Verbinski's "hard R" version after the costly R-rated adaptation Watchmen flopped at the box office. A profile of Levine, a screenwriter-turned-game designer, mentioned that he was considering "taking a stab" at a screenplay for a BioShock film during his vacation time following the completion of BioShock Infinite. Levine is once again writing screenplays he is now writing a script for the long-in-development Logan's Run remake so I have to wonder if he might be involved in the project this time around.

    BioShock would be one of many video game projects currently in the works at Sony Pictures. As of late, the studio is also working on films based on Watch Dogs, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, The Last of Us, Sonic the Hedghog, Raving Rabbids, the Sega-Nintendo console wars, among others. Whether any of these movies actually get made is another question entirely.

    Until there's more on this project, I figured this is just a rumor, though nice to see that it could still happen. In Sony's hands, it could work.

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    I agree. I would love to see a Bioshock movie.. If they could do a faithful adaptation of the first game I would totally be on board. I really like the Sander Cohen storyline from the first game, I think it would be a really effective and creepy addition if plotted out correctly. Unfortunately anything involving Sander Cohen would push this movie instantly into the hard 'R' territory. Though, realistically, I couldn't see how they would be able to do a faithful adaptation of the first game without it being an 'R' rated feature. It sure would be cool to see a couple of Big Daddies on the big screen though.

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