An upcoming independent horror comedy needs your help!!!

Set in the year 1985, Back from the Grave tells the story of Jack, a rebellious teenage outcast, as he returns from the afterlife seeking two things: Reconciliation with his ex-girlfriend, Diane and answers to the event that brought about his death in the first place. After a string of hysterically twisted, bizarre and murderous events, an evil spirit is inexplicably resurrected, seeking revenge upon the small town that was responsible for his demise. This causes Jack and Diane to assume the roles of our unlikely heroes in order to save their town from the brink of destruction and hopefully acquire the second chance they were long denied.


Back from the Grave is written and directed by Jeremy Hull, a native Michigander and graduate from Columbia College Chicago. This ambitious production has been designed to prove that there is more to a large scale production than just a Hollywood-sized budget. Using sophisticated camera techniques, unique lighting designs, and utilizing a vast array of resources, Back from the Grave will return audiences to the 1980's to embark on a horror comedy of adventurous proportions. With your help, Back from the Grave will be unlike anything you're currently seeing in theaters.

Keeping true to the spirit of the 80's, they want to photograph as many elements in-camera as possible, avoiding cumbersome amounts of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) that seem to plague many modern day motion pictures. This means we're looking to create intricate special FX make-up pieces and unleash a wide variety of large scale action sequences. This is no easy task, but with your help and contributions we will be able to make one hell of an 80's throwback adventure.

We also want the audience to participate as much as possible. That's where you come in. It's one thing to watch a movie, but it's another to be a part of it. That's why your contributions will give you the opportunity to participate in the making of this film by being a background extra in the film's grand finale. To go along with that, there are also some incredible prizes that can ONLY be acquired through your contributions on IndieGoGo, such as a limited edition VHS copy of the film. It doesn't get much more 80's than that.

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