no lie, AOU was definitely underwhelming but i don't think Marvel is losing steam just yet. Ant man, one of the more obscure project did pretty well. With projects involving Dr. Strange and Inhumans over the horizon i see this comic trend not letting go of box office anytime soon. The problem with age of ultron is that its basically the first avengers lol. bad guy threatens earth. avengers beat him. Thats where i agree with Toby, they could've taken a more creative direction. Also, the small screen is doing pretty well. Daredevil is rated very high among viewers and SHIELD is slowly winning people over. So i don't think Marvel will lose commercial success anytime soon.

As far as DC goes, i find their darker tone to be a good alternative to Marvel's colorful depiction (both figuratively and literally) of comics. Superman v Batman and Suicide Squad will be the deciding factor of whether this strategy will work or not as the trailer is currently very well received. If it's a bust then i think its over for DC - until another reboot happens.