Director: Manny Serrano

Ten years ago, Officers Fincher and Cobb were called out to investigate a noise complaint, and what they found was far worse; 24 people, murdered in cold blood. The murderer escaped, and the Havenwood Police Department covered it up, inventing a story about an out-of-control fire. Barely escaping with his life, Fincher tried to put it all behind him, by drinking it away. Now a Detective, he is investigating the death of two young girls. After meeting some of the local teenagers, Fincher gets a tip from the Coroner, telling him that the Ripper has returned to finish what he started a decade ago. With no one on his side, Fincher must find out how these girls fit into the Rippers plan, and stop him before it's too late

Blood Slaughter Massacre is an incredible homage to slasher movie nostalgia, and featuring a killer 80's style soundtrack.