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    Star Wars Fans (please read)

    Thursday i started my leave of absence.
    I have no idea how long i will be taking off, but i cant see myself going back anytime soon in the foreseeable future. So given the situation i have nothing but time on my hands. Because of all this time i will have, i have decided to be productive and to start writing again and address a story ive always wanted to rewrite.......................

    (this is now a C+P, from my FB and another site)
    .......After over a decade of ideas and concepts tumbling around my head i have started to write a remake of Episode 1 and subsequently the following episodes. Its really nothing more than an exercise in script writing, but i am attempting to make it so SW fans would appreciate it over what we got.
    I am also working on a little companion guide to go along with the scripts, this way fans will have a better sense of who is who and what is what (characters, planets, ships, etc.).
    If anyone with photoshop/PDF experience (minimal) would like to help with the companion guide that would be much appreciated. An artist, someone who can draw and sketch (i guess with a tablet), not too detailed but is a decent computer artist, is definitely someone i could use for the project.
    I also plan on doing episodes 2, 3 and two others that take place in between the episodes. But that is really jumping ahead of schedule.

    My two brothers are already helping with the project as editors and contributors.
    Brother one has always done short stories and writing himself, hes very intelligent (a physicist) and can edit with the best of them.
    The second brother is actually a television producers. He's worked on many reality shows, but he is mostly going to help with format and editing the script format.

    If you are interested and/or want a general idea of the direction or basic outline of episode 1, please let me know.

    Thank you, please respond here or PM me.

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    I'm not good at any of that stuff, but I hope you have fun doing it.

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