Fueled by the 1980s era of splatter gore cinema that continues to serve as the backbone of indie horror studio Black Eye Entertainment, Inhumane is an independent conception of ultraviolent horror starring Marv Blauvelt (Snake with a Human Tail), Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare) and Kelsey Zukowski (Within These Walls). Located only a few blocks from the former home of convicted serial killer Larry Bright, what started as a guerrilla style production in the middle of the ghetto gradually developed into an unsanctioned community event. For more information including an updated cast list, production stills and complete synopsis feel free to visit out the official IMDb page for Inhumane.


Trapped underground within the bowels of a homemade dungeon, Reyna awakens to find herself thrust into a twisted game where she must fight for her life to avoid becoming the next victim of a deranged psychopath. Inspired by a variety of true cases involving murder suspects using the mask of urban decay to hide in broad daylight, Inhumane is an independent portrayal of a deranged serial killer completely oblivious of his own descent into madness.

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