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    Computer Hearts {2015}

    The Computer Fucking Movie

    Albert hates everything...except his computer.


    Directors: Turner Stewart, Dionne Copland

    Albert's stable relationship with his fiancé is jeopardized when he becomes obsessed with a computer simulation.

    Horror Underground wrote:
    Quickly spiraling into a David Cronenberg style body horror, Vanessa2 becomes flesh and needs more of it in order to become a physical reality for Albert. The effects are great in this film leading all the way up to the finale. The only effect I take issue with is Albert’s transformation. It felt a little and looks a little too similar to the Cronenberg version of Brundlefly. I laughed when we see the full shot, which I don’t think is a bad thing. All of the visuals are so insanely over-the-top that you cannot help but laugh. Visually, this short film goes to some crazy places.

    The Film Splice wrote:
    Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland’s Computer Hearts tells the story of Albert, a miserable man who hates his miserable job, his miserable fiancé Vanessa, and his miserable life – with the exception of one part of it: His computer. Well, more specifically, the computerized anime avatar on an adult website he visits. There is not much delay before we’re introduced to Albert’s secret – an obsession with his online fantasy, a Hentai maid avatar he’s created with the screen name, conveniently enough, of Vanessa2. The obsession leads to his unraveling, as his fiancé leaves him, he loses his job, and the only thing he has left is his computer. His addiction. His literal sex box – complete with perky breasts and a wetness meter.

    Horror Society wrote:
    Finally, the film does have a few on screen kills that are full of amazing practical effects and enough gore to cover an entire theater full of gorehounds. We only get two deaths scenes, in a sense, but Turner and Dionne milk it for everything they are worth and deliver. Overall, Computer Hearts may not sound like the next amazing horror film but I can assure you that it is. This film deserves every bit of your time. Check it out because you will not be disappointed!

    I'm uploading this film myself before someone else does, since I deserve the chance to make sure I'm happy with the quality of my own film's piracy.

    All that I ask in return is that you like our Facebook page:

    This torrent includes the essentials from the now out-of-print Hentai Cop Films' bluray release:

    **The Hentai Cop Cut** 42 minute director's cut of the film with the complete story intact.

    **The Vanessa2 Cut** 25 minute co-director's cut of the film that excises some of the shittier acting so that the movie can get to the gore faster.

    **This is Not a Computer** Feature length making-of documentary.

    Also, if you feel so inclined, there is a new bluray that was just released through Creepy Six Films (http://www.creepysixfilms.com) and it is loaded with a ridiculous amount of content. Over 6 hours of bonus features including exclusive short films, directors' commentaries, and additional cuts of the film, as well as some easter eggs that you'll have to dig around for!

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