Aegri Somnia - A Sick Man's Dreams is a visual act. The film's strength is absolutely in its look, every frame is as deliberate as a piece of art. The look is reminiscent of a graphic novel, the dizzying angles, the motivated frames, every shot one that counts, the viewer a voyeur in on a conspiracy. Even the bloody scenes have an element of dream to them, as though being experienced just outside the Now, a keen memory, but a memory, the distance necessary and created, as if for our own safety. As the film drips slowly into the caustic ending, the images grow more horrible, more frightening, every one of them suitable for framing.

Edgar is living in the shadow of his wife's sudden death. Haunted by vivid hallucinations and a faceless city threatening to swallow him whole, Edgar's world begins to unravel as his nightmares become a reality and Edgar is left with a choice: prison or paradise.

Director: James Rewucki