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    Blessed Are the Children

    To sum this up in one sentence...Fairly solid indie horror.


    Now, with that said this is low-budget indie horror that does what most movies of this caliber don't ever get right.
    That is take a controversial premise (abortion) and whip up a slasher tale around it and support it with extremely solid no-name actors.
    Here we have an indie film that is based more on top quality cinematography and dare I say near superb acting rather than cliched trademarks of the
    low budget horror genre.

    Without delving too much into the story we have our main character who finds out she is pregnant with a guy that wants nothing really to do with her.
    She decides she can't handle a baby on her own so she goes for an abortion. Outside the clinic there are protesters of course but these mofo's are wearing
    some super creepy baby masks. We soon find out that protesting outside of the clinic with signs is NOT their preferred way to protest.

    The kills are done quite well. The camerawork enhances what is taking place and the movie does not shy away from blood being spilled.
    Although you don't see main glimpse of their handiwork the kills are filmed with a few quick takes that really enhance the brutality and bloodletting.

    I typically don't like masked killers in modern day indie horror because that is what most of these film makers hone in on but that is not the case here.
    The film is actually well made with the notable aesthetic of it being a low budget flick. With the positives I have said thus far there are a few negatives.

    Pacing. There are sections of the film that seem like filler and simply tread water in one place for a bit too long.
    It takes away from the overall uneasiness of the film and I am not sure why some scenes were even in it.

    The baby-faced killers. I know they were going for what you don't know is scarier but with this setting getting some information about them
    such as who they are etc. would have been nice. Leaving this out seems a bit like lazy writing or they simply put these deviants in the film
    with no way they could think of explaining them. As a writer myself this is a big pet peeve of mine. If you can't back up what you are including in
    your story you are failing as a storyteller. For me this seems way too intentional of not explaining things because they simply couldn't to the point where it
    makes sense. So they simply never go down that path.

    The movie does hinge on the political issues of abortion big time. This is it's trump card. But underneath that it is a
    effective little slasher flick with apparent drawbacks. Although I did enjoy it to an extent, maybe because I wasn't expecting much.

    I HIGHLY doubt this will be in theaters but most likely VOD. If you don't mind the political nature of the premise, definitely give it a try.
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