If you're looking for a pretty dark and dreary Western then I'd recommend checking this new movie called Brimstone out. The story is told in chapters and goes backwards, as it details its characters.

We start off with Dakota Fanning living her life with her family then her world turns upside down once a character called "The Reverened" (played by Guy Pearce) enters the town. This is probably one of the actor's most vile and despicable characters. You really grow to hate the guy and things don't let up for Fanning's character at all. Each chapter shows how she had a rough life from the start and just when she thinks she's doing okay, things always seems to get worse, right up to the very end.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) shows up at the mid-mark of the movie, but honestly he's barely in it, so it was kind of a waste. Anyway, the movie is well written, shot, and pretty damn violent at times, even towards children. 7/10