A Film by Z Smith


BEFOULED is an audio/visual abomination that challenges the viewer to a psychological staring match. There is no dialogue found in the film whatsoever, only the terrifying mechanical soundscapes of anxiety and fear incarnate. This film is a twisted experiment in intestinal fortitude and morals. A psychedelic, gore-soaked feast for the senses, BEFOULED delivers the sickening goods with a 10-ton dropkick to the soul. Are your eyes prepared?

Befouled is a movie that will disturb you, it will upset you, and it will make you think. Love it or hate it, the visceral reaction it provokes is one that cannot be denied. This is not a horror movie that can be recommended to the average fan of zombies and slashers and the like. It is a film, an experience, that is going to be appreciated by a small, select audience, an audience that wants to be emotionally affected by a film, even if itís in a negative way. This is for the fan that wants to find the most extreme film experience, that wants to find surreal, experimental elements in their horror films. I donít know who Z. Smith is, but Iíll be very interested to see what else they end up creating.

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