The Strangers is a remarkable modern-era horror film, combining stylistic elements and storytelling techniques we've seen/loved in Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Relentless, and Misery.

Now that a sequel is in the works, I think it's wise to consider how this film is seminal in the history of horror-cinema and how it changed the way horror fans viewed/appreciated the subtle but eerie link between self-presentation/masks and criminality presentation (or malicious mischief).

So I've developed a game where you come up with how to connect The Strangers to a horror film which is easy to associate and then one which is not...


STRANGERS-HALLOWEEN: Very easy; Michael Myers is a stalker like the 3 ghouls in this film
STRANGERS-CLOVERFIELD: Not easy; the giant Godzilla-like monster is only as sinister as the 3 ghouls in the film