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    Thumbs down Since my other acting discussion thread got locked...

    Recently, I came across tweets about me. Although I wasn't named in the tweets by those responsible, they were indeed referring to myself and that other thread on here, because somebody registered on here as "Voorheehaw" this month to reply twice in the topic somebody has since closed for replies. Anyway, I saw people from Screen Education Edinburgh badmouthing me when I happened to be doing a random search for extra work in my city, on Twitter. Well, I guess I'm guilty of that kind of stuff too, as you know, but I wouldn't think it's very professional for those in charge of a film production group to post shit like this...

    -We should get Brian to knock him out.
    -I'll put him in my next movie...for a laugh.
    -Name and fucking shame.
    -I'll never work with him.
    -Making films brings out the loonies.

    They know I came across their comments because they posted updates afterwards to mock me, and I got one of their mobile numbers and called this guy up about a week ago, and he said everybody knows me, but he failed to elaborate on who "they" even are. That's what they all do, though. They deny that such and such a person is a friend of theirs. I'd sent an email to the administrator and called him up. He sounded foreign, but I think he was a bit scared that I'd file a serious complaint. He just said he would look into things.

    Here's a bit more details about what has gone on in recent memory...

    The guy on Twitter who started the thread must have deleted his original post, but the replies remained and I recognized his name. He was making a short horror film as part of a course at a university in Edinburgh, and the film was recently completed. He fobbed me off about extra work when I saw an ad on Facebook, quite a number of weeks ago. It was only after I did a bit of digging that I found out that a woman working on the film as a camera assistant was the same person who was unhappy that I, one, put her film on YouTube last year, and two, that I made an entry on about it (which is okay, as I was in it). However, I've since apologized to her on Facebook for what I considered to be a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, I feel disrespected.

    I've also had to complain several times on the IMDb (Get Satisfaction) support forums about this Kiwi madman who keeps stalking me. He isn't involved with these people, but I consider him to be a bigger pain in the ass than they are. I've not heard from him lately, which is kind of odd. Maybe it's because I've gave him no more ammunition, and I don't add videos to YouTube any longer. He has been quite a nuisance in the past, however. He made an entry for a video I had on YouTube. This wasn't even a film. It was just a video where I was talking into a camera in order to give my thoughts on a game I like, but he made an entry on IMDb with false credits. The staff on those forums are fucking bogus and do little to help. You should see how many times I had to complain about that jackass New Zealander to his ISP, called Spark. And he is definitely from New Zealand, because he exposed his IP address on Wikipedia last year, after he showed up there to harass me.

    Similarly, I've got a page on the Acting Wiki which is also a bullseye for trolling. The page is locked for editing from new users and people who just want to edit shit with IP addresses, but people are still adding comments in the section located below the article. It's the one entitled Peter Anderson. Unlike Wikipedia, it seems Wikia isn't that regulated any more, so it may take a while for bullshit to get deleted when it is reported.

    My sister and I went to see a feature film we appeared in at a baptist church one night it ended up snowing, and this was a few weeks ago. My only speaking part was cut, but I'm still in the movie in certain other scenes. You're lucky if you see me for more than 5 seconds. I can maybe see why the director took out some scenes. He told me in an email that it was because of the sound of the river and the season not being ideal, although I'm sure that's perhaps just nonsense because I know directors can edit that out somehow. In that scene I refer to, I was supposed to give his sister-in-law directions, because she is the main character, and she had just arrived at an airport and got lost on her way to a house. In that scene, I spoke to her. I'm not talking in any of the other scenes at all. The start of the scene is still intact, although she doesn't interact with me at all. You see me going past wearing a blue shirt while she's on the grass, but it just goes onto the next scene before she notices me passing behind her.

    I think it's highly possible that some people had been messaging the director, because the scenes he removed all involved me being with children and women, and he didn't send me all of the photos from the premier, and he only publicly posted the group one and another one with my sister, and his sister-in-law. I'm sure I was in photos with other people as well. In the film, though, I was in scenes as part of a group of adults, so maybe he felt that it was okay for them to remain in the film. If someone had been telling him I went down for sexual harassment (that kind of what wasn't what really occurred, by the way), it would make sense for somebody to trim out scenes like what I just mentioned. He is actually a pastor for a Christian Chinese church, I think, so anyone accused of sexual abuse would be scorned. Maybe he doesn't have concrete proof, but can you blame him? My sister thought it was odd that we showed up to a lot of shoots, but then so much of it was taking out of the final cut. When I asked him about all of that too, he had some fly answers to give to me.

    Not once did I tell him about my old court shit, or anything to do with my former support workers or that pop star, until recently. I've since emailed him to explain that I've been bullied and let down by many people, including the support workers, although that all happened after I saw the film. The emails I sent to this guy initially concerned me asking him why some scenes were omitted from the film. Even my sister thinks he probably knows a lot of information about my problems by now, but he just isn't saying so, likely so not to hurt my feelings or get the people who gossiped about me into hot water. However, that film has been listed on my IMDb page since the summer of last year. That's more than enough time for people to have found out who was directing it and then tattle-tale, although it seems as if no-one wants to actually reveal who has started these chain letters. In a similar manner, I had a short film entitled Glitch listed on there and I ended up not being in that film at all after the director potentially lied to me. These directors never asked for a disclosure certificate or any money, which is what agencies normally request. However, the short film was funded through Indiegogo.

    What's your verdict on all of this? Note that I ain't a paranoid person and I never have been suspicious of just anybody, without a good reason. I'm also usually right about a lot of things I am already wary of. Again, that's not got anything to do with me suffering from a mental illness. Plus, I don't use the fact I have a touch of autism to make excuses for my anger like others say I do. It's just that I know when something isn't right. However, I doubt this acting tenure is going to get me anywhere. There's also so many pretentious pricks working in the entertainment industry as it is, so maybe it was all a lost cause from the beginning anyway. Do you agree?

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    And I will lock this one.

    You don't get to mess up underground filmmaking with your threads about your career problems. Make a blog.

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