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    Don't fuck in the woods 2016


    Some horny teenagers decide to spend a weekend in a secluded woods and enters a creature of some god darn origin bend on killing them during intercourse sounds like a silly 70's and 80's thrash movie. Well to some extent its a trash movie considering the fact that the only reason i had watched this movie was due to the reputation of the director Shawn whose earlier 2 movies called bludgeon and the sleeping soul have highly been loved by users and critics. but this one totally doesn't seem to the previous work of Shawn at any cost, and am saying this based on the fact that i actually haven't seen Shawn's previous work yet.

    That being said, See if you wanna make a movie with loads of nudity and shit with lots of tattooed big gals that is okay to some extent. you wanna create some hype about this movie so fine, but least try to make it exciting enough for any critics or even darn normal user to stick to for least an hour or so. Sadly this is not the case here. The movie is filled with senseless jibberish talk about teenagers (yes i have been one in the past, and even as a teen i assure you, i never talked this much like these guys did anyway) and then shit hits the ceiling anyway. the creature walks in, kills everyone and panic arises among the group and only one survives and the movie ends along with some bloopers and interview for us to bear too. i won't lie to you, i won't be shocked if one day Shawn would try to make a sequel to it, and am saying this based on the ending anyway.

    The only saving grace of this movie is some decent photography and some aerial view of the woods, which typically isn't enough for anyone to hold on long in to this movie.

    I dunno if Shawn was trying to make this look into a trash funny flick or trying to make a serious movie to some sort, he just couldn't get his focus on it and i dunno if am right or wrong, but i feel Shawn somehow must have sensed that this movie is gonna look worse anyway, but yet due to his commitments proceeded yet anyway.

    I don't mind nudity, but every gal in this movie is either BBW or has got some tattoos on her whole body or so, so dunno, if i should be thrilled about seeing them or not. it's not like i am cursing them or cursing the gender of BBW anyway. i just felt them being part of this movie that is all.

    I just hope Shawn gets over this disaster mistake he made and brings something exciting in future for fans like me to forget this disaster anyway.

    On the scale of 10, this one gets just mere 3.9



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