Horror Films That Feature Vegas / Gambling

If you’re a regular reader on the site then you'd be aware of just how much we enjoy horror movie trivia. When picking out a movie for a night in, many people avoid the horror film genre not just out of fear but also for the perceived lack of a proper story that often has a predictable outcome. Indeed, some viewers will avoid horror movies altogether for this purpose.

However, we would argue that there are lots of great horror movies that feature interesting concepts and storylines. For something a bit different, we thought we would look at some horror movies that have featured the activity of gambling. We hope you enjoy our article and feel free to message us with any suggestions of your own.

Fright Night

This is a cult classic that was originally released in 1985 but for the purposes of this article, we are looking at the remake which was released in 2011. The movie is set in Las Vegas and features a casino theme throughout. The story is, of course, pretty similar to the original fright night and focuses on a vampire that moves in next door to the main character Charlie. Fans of the original have argued that it is not as strong as its predecessor but the inclusion of gambling is why it has made this list. Worth a watch.

Resident Evil: Extinction

The third movie in the Resident Evil franchise featuring Milla Jovovich certainly didn’t hit a high point with movie critics but part of the film focuses on a post-apocalyptic Vegas which is pretty cool. The amusing detail is actually really impressive so if you’re a fan of gambling and horror flicks then this is an excellent choice. It’s a bit silly and over the top but most of the movies on our list are. The movie grossed $147 million so it was certainly a success in a commercial sense with Jovovich reprising her role for future instalments.


You will find that a lot of gambling in horror movies focuses on Las Vegas and casinos rather than say, for example, scenes with bingo theme. However, Arbat is next on our list and this movie caused major controversy in several countries when it hit the big screen. The movie focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter with the former forcing his daughter to become a monk with disastrous results.

There are scenes with excess gambling, violence and drinking and the movie was actually banned in Thailand. It’s certainly a little different to the standard horror flick and with plenty of scenes of rambunctious gambling, it makes our horror movie gambling list. Recommended for those looking for a horror that is a little different to the standard scary flick.