Citadel (2012)

March 15, 2013 - 4:29pm | FrighT MasteR
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Ciaran Foy
Anuerin Barnard, James Cosmo, Amy Shiels, Wunmi Mosaku

Citadel is like a modern day Irish take on The Brood, with the hooded mutant children causing all sorts of mayhem, but in this case specifically centered around a broken down apartment complex and its poor inhabitants. I liked the flick to a certain extent, but had a problem with some of the glaring plot-holes in the story.

The flick follows a young man who's forced to raise his baby alone after his pregnant wife/GF is violently assaulted by a group of hooded assailants, causing her to give birth early and essentially ending her life. Not only is the young father having a hard time doing it all on his own, but thanks to the attack he's developed a severe case of agoraphobia, leaving him cooped up in the small cluttered apartment most of the time. That will soon be the least of his troubles when he realizes that the hooded people are coming back for the baby.

Citadel doesn't really offer much new or compelling story-wise, but I liked the concept of these strange hooded children taking over the apartment complex and turning other children into one of them. Luckily we never really get a good look at these "feral children" as they remain pretty dominant and creepy throughout the pic. The moments where we do catch glimpses of their face are probably the better parts of the film. I especially liked their disturbingly loud high-pitched screeching they'd sometimes do.

Unfortunately, I didn't really like the lead guy much. He was basically a coward until the final bits of the film, but by then it was just too late and I honestly didn't really care whether he lived or died. I understand that's how the character was supposed to be, but it's hard to root for someone who makes such asinine decisions and do nothing but cower and run at anything and everything. Regardless, I still liked the flick to a certain extent and felt the dark moody atmosphere and creepy ghoulish hooded children were enough to keep me entertained until the end, despite me not caring much for the lead.

Citadel is an above average flick that works thanks to the creepy evil hooded children, who are also the real stars of the pic, as the actual "hero" of the movie was too much of a coward to root for (in my opinion). Either way, I think it's worth a look, especially if you're into evil kid flicks.

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