Creepshow 2 (1987)

July 27, 2009 - 8:03am | FrighT MasteR
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Michael Gornick
Domenick John, Tom Savini, George Kennedy, Philip Dore

I remember seeing this film when was I younger and it used to freak the hell out of me. It's good to be able to watch it now and not be scared at all and to kind of laugh at how I used to be. I really enjoyed this film and the three stories it had. I thought this was a lot scarier than the first film and the stories were a lot better. The first story is about a store owner in a small almost deserted town, which used to flourish with many visitors. He's on the verge of closing the store down and relocating to a more populated area or stay where he is and risk going out of business. He spends some of his type retouching the wooden Indian on the front of the store and sits back and waits for costumers.

After about 15 minutes of introducing the characters and setting up the plot, three robbers come into the store and hold the owner and his wife hostage. They go through all their stuff, steal their money and ends up shooting the wife on accident then the owner. They get away free and plan to head to Los Angeles for an acting gig. Too bad the wooden Indian isn't too happy about killing off the owner. I thought this first story was a little slow in the beginning, but that was all to set everything up. It picks up pretty much when the robbers come in and hold them up. It's not a really scary story, but some parts are a little freaky. It's mainly just the wooden Indian that makes it all freaky.

The second story is about these four teens who venture out to this small lake and take a swim. They get on this raft that is in the middle of the lake and discover that there's more to the lake than they thought. There's something floating around the waters and will eat anything that gets in its way. The thing that was in the water wasn't very scary, but the concept of being stuck in the middle of a lake in a raft and not being able to swim free keeps this story in tact. Some parts are suspenseful, especially towards the end when someone finally makes a swim for it. I really enjoyed this story. It's short and it's straight to the point.

The third story is about a cheating wife who heads home after having a night of passion with her lover. She's trying to beat the clock in order to make it home before her husband gets their, but she ends up hitting a hitchhiker along the way. He dies instantly and instead of stopping she keeps going. She starts to torture herself by images of what just happened. Suddenly she sees a hitchhiker on the side of the road who looks just like the one she just ran over. She stops and discovers that it IS the hitchhiker that she hit. I remember when I was younger this story used to scare me a lot, because I was always afraid of ghosts and the dead coming back to life. The way the hitchhiker looked after being hit repeatedly was freaky. This has to be the best story of the three.

All the acting in the film wasn't bad, but it didn't have a starred cast like the first movie, with Leslie Nelson and Ted Danson; didn't bother me much anyway. The cartoon host reminded me of the Cryptkeeper from Tales From the Crypt, but not as cool. This is one of my favorite films that deals with stories and that's why I decided to give it an 8-rating.

This is one of the best films that deals with stories, in my opinion. Each of the three stories is creepy in its own way and it's a lot better than the first movie. I highly recommend this film if you haven't seen it already.

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