Dead Pit (1989)


This was a pretty cool flick with a moderate amount of gore, and lots of zombie action towards the end -- zombies are always a plus. One thing that makes these zombies different than others is the fact that they're smart and can't be killed by conventional weapons, but can be killed by holy water(!?). I thought that was an interesting, but odd, twist to the zombie stereotype. Though, I'd personally rather see a zombie get his head blown off by a 12-gage shotgun than some lame holy water sprinkled on him.

It starts off with a mad doctor getting his ass killed and thrown into a pit where he stored all his dead bodies. The pit then gets sealed off. Twenty years later a woman with amnesia visits the asylum and an earthquake opens the pit again. The doctor is now undead and goes about killing the staff at the mental asylum. The first hour of the film is basically the doctor terrorizing the amnesiac woman and killing off some people in the asylum. Once the last 30 minutes-or-so comes it's all about the zombies, and boy, where there a lot of zombies. I thought a lot of the shots of zombies walking about were actually beautifully done; gotta give some props to the camera work and lighting.

The effects for the zombies weren't bad either, but you'd seriously expect more decomposition with the dead bodies after twenty years. However, some of the glowing effects with the eyes were a bit lame. There were some creepy moments, but nothing really spine-chilling or scary. A few scenes reminded me of the House on Haunted Hill remake, I guess, because of the whole mental institution thing. I thought the twist at the end of the film was pretty good. I didn't really expect it, so it caught me off guard. And at the very end the whole story just falls into place quite nicely. The film could have used a bit more gore and zombie action, but it's otherwise good. At least there were plenty of dead bodies and scenes of the amnesiac girl running around in her panties; very nice.

A cool underrated zombie flick with an interesting twist towards the end. I recommend you guys check this film out if you can.
A cool underated zombie flick with an interesting twist towards the end. I recommend you guys check this film out if you can.