Death Ship (1980)

June 15, 2010 - 12:11pm | FrighT MasteR
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Alvin Rakoff
George Kennedy, Richard Crenna, Nick Mancuso, Sally Ann Howes, Kate Reid, Victoria Burgoyne, Jennifer McKinney, Danny Higham, Saul Rubinek, Murray Cruchley

Ever since Ghost Ship came out I've been searching for this flick. Why you ask? Well look at the cover. Not only did Ghost Ship rip-off the cover for this film, but even the plot is similar-themed. This is another one of those forgotten 80's horror flicks that many are unaware even exists. Sometimes these forgotten films are underrated gems, while others are just better left forgotten. This movie is falls in the middle. It has its moments, but it's too slow-moving and the scares were very lacking. In the end it became predictable dribble that we've all seen countless times before. Then again this movie came out in the beginning of the 80's era of horror flicks, where the decade was swarmed with slasher movie after slasher movie.

The plot is basically about this cruise liner that's filled with the ship's crew and rich passengers seeking a vacation from their usual lifestyle. Everything seems perfect until a mysterious dark ship comes towards the ship, as if trying to ram them. Of course the crew makes an attempt to steer clear from it, but fail and collide with the ominous vessel. Now there are seemingly only a couple handfuls of survivors from the disaster, which consists of the ship's captain, a couple other crew members, and the rest being passengers, and they are all together in one life raft. Fearing their doom, they hope for the best, until they are saved (or so they think) when huge decaying ship comes their way. They board the ship, thinking they are saved, only to discover that it's empty, and not only that, but they fear it may be haunted.

This isn't a very bad movie; it's just a little too slow for my liking. It tries too hard to be scary at times, and most of the movie consisted of the survivors exploring the ship with some "creepy" things happening here and there. One thing this movie had going for it (aside from it somewhat original story-line for its time) is the fact that they spared no expense when it came to the ships. It was clear that they had to have gotten a hold of an actual old ship to do what they did here, and that's rare when it comes to a horror flick in the 80s, where mostly even was done with cheesy effects. It also had two leading veteran actors, George Kennedy and Richard Crenna. I think if you're looking for an interesting and somewhat different kind of out-of-print 80's horror movie then this is your best bet.

A decent flick, but tries too hard to be scary, and consists of too many slow and drawn-out scenes. Predictable as ever, but still better than a lot of other 80's movies. Worth a rent for a time-waster, but I wouldn't go looking for it.

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