Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993)

June 15, 2010 - 11:26am | FrighT MasteR
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Charles Band
Tim Thomerson, Melissa Behr, R.C. Bates, Phil Brock, Phil Fondacaro, Tracy Scoggins

Before Freddy vs. Jason there was Dollman vs. Demonic Toys. Yes, Full Moon decided to combine not two, but three of their movies together in one film. They've taken the tough 13-inch Brick Bardo from Dollman, the busty Nurse Ginger from Bad Channels, and the "demonic" toys from, well you know. The heroine police officer Judith Grey from the first D-Toys reprises her role, which I was glad to see since normally they'll replace a character with a dif. actor.

It obviously didn't take much for the writers to come up with this BS, because there is absolutely no story. It's basically just about the toys wanting to resurrect their "dark master" again and the Dollman just happens to visit the town where the Toys are held. Apparently he wanted to find the nurse from Bad Channels because she was also shrunk thanks to some whacky aliens from that movie. In the end he just wanted to hit it and got mixed up in the Demonic Toys madness. Poor guy. The movie barely runs an hour and most of it just consists of the characters talking about themselves, which leads to clips from their movies and catches the viewers up to who they are. I've never seen Dollman or Bad Channels, so the time-consuming flashbacks were actually useful for once.

We don't get into some good versus action until the last 20-or-so minutes of the movie and even then the wait didn't seem worth it. Dollman gets some good licks in and so do the toys. Speaking of which, a new toy was added into the mix; a G.I. Joe-type action figure, which battles with Dollman. I also noticed the voice for the baby doll was very different and less humorous, but other than that the toys stayed the same. In the end this movie was just a time-waster for the filmmakers.

You'd think it'd have a bigger budget since it combines three dif. movies, but the budget seemed even smaller than Demonic Toys, and trust me that budget was very small. The only thing I liked about this was the fact that it had the Toys back in action, because I'm a fan of the first movie. I also thought Dollman's gun (that has powerful explosive bullets) was pretty interesting, because it would have been pretty lame if he had a shrunken regular gun. Though, where he gets the bullets for that custom-made gun does come to mind.

Don't bother with this uber-cheesy no-budget Full Moon stinker unless you're a fan of Dollman or Demonic Toys, but even then don't get your hopes up.

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