Evil Lives (1992)

October 13, 2011 - 8:02pm | FrighT MasteR
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Thunder Levin
Griffin O'Neal, Dawn Wells, Paul Bartel, Paul Ben-Victor, Ted Fox

I didn't really expect much from this film, but I was hoping it would be somewhat decent since in the back of the cover it said that "if you're a fan of Sixth Sense, House on Haunted Hill and Stir of Echoes that you'll love this movie." What a bunch of complete BS that was. This movie is NOTHING like those films; this isn't even remotely scary. The film is basically just about some eternal man and his wife who died many years before, but is able to inhabit the bodies of the woman her husband kills. And, after she takes over the new girl's body they have sex. That's pretty much the entire movie right there. The dead wife lets her husband make love to a different girl's body each time. That's about it and it's pretty damn stupid.

The acting is average and so is the directing, but there's no real suspense or horror anywhere here. On a positive side it does have a nice amount of nudity and nudity is the only thing that can save a shitty film like this. I don't think it was ever explained as to how the man is eternal and how his wife is able to do what she does. Then again maybe they did, I wasn't exactly paying attention in parts since it got so dull and tedious after a while. Another thing that could have saved this movie would have been better deaths and more gore. Hell, throw in a better script too while they're at it!

Don't waste your time with this movie. The plot sucks and it's not even that interesting.

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