Fever Lake (1996)

July 6, 2009 - 6:14am | FrighT MasteR
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Ralph Portillo
Corey Haim, Bo Hopkins, Mario Lopez

What a dumbass movie this was. The acting was horrible and the directing was even worse. What the hell were they thinking? It starts off interesting enough with a man chasing a woman down with an axe and slicing her to bits, then the killer looks up at this little boy that's hiding in the attic and says something about "it'll happen to you" and it just ends there. I could tell from the beginning that the film was going to be crap.

They play this stupid music that sounds like it came straight from a video game and what's even worse is that it plays every minute. There's supposed to be this Indian guy warning the people of the evil that lurks in the lake, but instead of casting a real Native American some dumbass casts a white guy with long hair and a fake accent. The directing is so poor it's not funny. They got some scenes that don't make any sense because parts of it is during the day and parts at night when its all supposed to have occurred around the same time frame.

The film doesn't start to get interesting 'till the last 10 minutes when Corey Haim's character finally goes crazy and starts killing off his friends. Corey sure knows how to pick the dumbest roles. I've only seen him in one good film and that's The Lost Boys. There's nothing scary about this film at all. It's just humorous in parts because of how stupid and off it is. I still can't believe I rented this; I had to turn on the light to keep myself from falling asleep because it was so boring.

Same story where some dumbass college students go to this cabin with an indian curse and get their asses killed. Don't waste your money.

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