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If I Die Before I wake (1998)

  Tags: 90's, Brian Katkin, if i die before i wake, intruders, Michael McCleery, Muse Watson, Stephanie Jones

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Brian Katkin
87 minutes
Stephanie Jones, Muse Watson, Michael McCleery

I was passing by the rack at the local Blockbuster and noticed the cover for this film. I wasn't going to rent it at first, because it wasn't exactly horror, but I saw Muse Watson's (killer from I Know ...) name in the credits and the premise sounded interesting, so I figured I'd give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. The film starts off pretty quickly, with two redneck burglars braking into a home while everyone is asleep. The older daughter hears the brake in so she hides her little sister and herself in the room, while the rednecks take over the house. They check the room, only to see it empty, so they take the rest of the family hostage, leaving the older and younger daughter alone.

The tension really builds when we watch the older daughter try to figure out what to do in that situation and actually see her reaction when her family gets brutalized. In certain times I actually put myself in her shoes and I always thought when a movie was able to make the audience put themselves in the film, the director did his job, which brings me my next point. The film was very well directed, which is somewhat surprising considering the director is also one of the directors that did, The Coroner. I believe I gave that film a 1-rating. What a disappointment that was.

Anyway, the acting was pulled off excellent by Stephanie Jones; very realistic. It was interesting to watch her character sneak around the house without getting spotted by the rednecks. I was pretty sure in a few scenes that she was busted, but she always somehow got away without being seen. There were a few scenes where I thought she could have easily killed them, but I guess she couldn't get the courage to do it; at least not at first.

The rednecks really messed up the family pretty bad. The whole situation was pretty realistic and that's what made the film so suspenseful. Muse Watson's character, as the boss redneck, was also pulled off well. He was perfect for the part. I would have given the film a higher rating, but I liked the film and found it entertaining, but it lacked in really good chills. Other than that it was pretty good.

Although rather predictable, still fun to watch. Very tension-filled and interesting to see Muse Watson back on the scene. Check this movie out.

Posted on October 27, 2009 - 1:02am | FrighT MasteR