Outpost: Black Sun (2012)

May 8, 2012 - 8:39pm | FrighT MasteR
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Steve Barker
Catherine Steadman, Richard Coyle, Daniel Caltagirone, Ali Craig, Nick Nevern, Gary McDonald, Johnny Meres, Clive Russell, Julian Wadham

Back in 2008 we received the first Outpost, a movie that managed to be one of the better Nazi-zombie renditions I've seen, even to this day. The flick offered a good blend of action and horror and really surprised me in many aspects. Now, we're finally given a sequel that's said to be "bigger and bloodier" than the first and while it does manage to give us more action and carnage, it comes at the cost of proper atmosphere, tension, and storytelling.

The story takes place after the events of the first film, as we follow a young female war-criminal investigator that's hot on the trail of a man long-believed dead named Klausener. Accompanied by a veteran war-criminal hunter, the duo make their way past enemy lines and through a forest where there's a hidden war between US and local military against seemingly unstoppable Nazi zombies. With the help of a special forces team, they must fight their way back to the underground bunker that started it all.

I liked the movie to an extent. It kept me interested from the start and offered a fairly solid pace throughout. I just wasn't really into the new characters (mostly because we're given zero development) and found a lot of what made the first movie good, lacking in this sequel. As stated above, there's no tension or foreboding atmosphere like in the first and there's no development as far as the characters and story goes. We run into quite a few plot-holes along the way, but nothing too distracting, especially since things move along fast, so they're either ignored or forgotten.

The film made some good use of POV camera work during a couple scenes when we see things through the military's perspective as they fight off the zombies. Some of it was actually a bit creepy, but I'm glad they didn't overuse it, since it definitely would've gotten old very fast. As expected from a zombie flick, we're given a decent amount of blood and gore. Sadly, we're also given a silly climax, especially when the outcome of one of the characters is revealed, who plays a key part in the seemingly half-assed final sequence. In the end, the film is a rather mixed bag, offering good and bad aspects.

Fans of the first film may find this sequel a bit disappointing, as we're essentially given more action and mayhem at the cost of proper atmosphere, tension, and character/story development. Though, it does manage to deliver some decent action and Nazi-zombie carnage, which may be all that some viewers are looking for. Either way, if you can ignore the plot-holes and silly climax, it's a pretty decent action-horror pic, especially if you enjoyed the first. Just don't go in expecting everything that made its predecessor good.

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