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Puppet Master (1989)

  Tags: Charles Band, cheesy, David Schmoeller, full moon, Irene Miracle, Jimmie F. Skaggs, killer doll, Paul Le Mat, puppet master, Robin Frates, William Hickey

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David Schmoeller
90 minutes
Paul Le Mat, William Hickey, Irene Miracle, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Robin Frates

It’s been years since I first saw this movie and I figured since I owned it that I could check it out again. It wasn't bad, but not as good as I remembered. The story starts off in the 1930s in a hotel, where the puppet master and his puppets are staying. Apparently people back then didn't bother to look at the ground while they walked around, because there were a few scenes were the puppets were running around freely. Anyway, the puppet master is hunted down by two men, so he hides the puppets and kills himself. Fifty years later a group of psychics are called together and invited to visit the hotel to visit an old friend. They soon discover the puppets and the rest is known.

I've always been a fan of the Puppet Master Series, but I can't say much about the recent sequels. Full Moon used to pump out some good cheesy horror films back then, but now it seems like they aren't even trying. This movie has all the original puppets, Blade (my fav), Tunneler, Leech Woman, Jester, and Pinhead. Later on in the series we’re introduced to different puppets, but nothing beats the originals. There's a moderate amount of gore and blood in the movie, and nothing really scary in the movie unless you'd be frightened of the puppets themselves (wuss). The story has some plot-holes and the movie drags on a bit now and then, but that’s no biggie. The effects aren't as bad as they could have been -- they used puppetry and stop-motion-animation.

I gave the movie a 6-rating, because I like the puppets and I'm a fan of the series. The Puppet Master movies have pretty much gone down hill after the first few films. I think there are 7 of them out now. The recent ones were pretty crappy. Full Moon is supposedly planning on having a Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys movie, but that's old news. I don't know the current status of the movie and the mofos never email me back when I email them, so I guess we can assume that the movie is still in the works. I'm really looking forward to it.

Classic puppet movie that spawned many sequels. Don't bother with the previous two in the series, but if you haven't seen this or the sequels I recommend you rent parts 1 to 5 and watch it with a bunch of friends.

Posted on September 30, 2009 - 5:12pm | FrighT MasteR