Rahtree: Flower of the Night (2003)

September 30, 2009 - 8:22pm | FrighT MasteR
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Yuthlert Sippapak
Chermarn Boonyasak, Kris Srepoomseth, Chompoonuch Piyapanee, Sirisin Siripornsmathikul, Ampon Rattanawong

Thailand isn't exactly known for their horror flicks, aside from a few that may have slipped into people's radar across the seas (I.E. Shutter), so when one actually turns out to be good, I try to watch it. Somehow this little number made its way passed me until recently when someone brought up the sequel. After researching this seemingly unheard-of flick, I discovered that the first movie actually received quite a few positive remarks. The hunt for the film began, and I eventually got a hold of it. It turns out that the critics were generally right about the movie -- it's funny, creepy, and even dramatic, making it an interesting effort from the country.

The story basically follows a young man who admirers a young woman named Buppah Rahtree from a distance. He reveals to us that he has been watching her for weeks and has been afraid to approach her and confess his love. Eventually the two talk and get to know each other before they have sex. This is when the man reveals his true intentions for getting to know this quiet and normally unattainable female. Apparently the man took a bet with his fellow peers, where he'd win if he was able to have sex with the girl. Unbeknownst to the man, she's now carrying his child.

After she's forced to get an abortion she's taken to a small apartment building to rest, where the man leaves her as he makes his way to England to further his studies. Distraught and hurt over the abortion and being dumped by the man, Bubbah's body is found lifeless in the bathroom after bleeding to death due to complications with the abortion. The police and paramedics arrive at the scene to get a statement and carry the body out of the room; however, Bubbah's spirit has other plans, and animates her rotting corpse and scares the crap out of everywhere.

From this point on, we're witness to Bubbah's vengeful spirit causing all kinds of havoc within the apartment complex, eventually making the tenants of the complex vacate the premises ASAP. The landlady enlists the help of various strange characters to take care of the spirit, from a local shaman to a Catholic priest, with each one returning unsuccessful. While watching the film for the first 20-minutes you'd never guess it was considered a comedy or even a horror flick for that matter, as it starts off as a romantic drama.

As I stated above, the film mixes various genres together, with the strongest being the comedy. We're given a number of weird, quirky characters to keep the pace steady and the viewer laughing, and although some of the comedy isn't easily caught on at times, it still gave me quite a few nice chuckles. When it came down to the horror, they kept things simple, and somehow still succeeded in delivering some decent scares. Most of the scares involved Bubbah's spirit simply popping up out of nowhere or running fast towards the screen, which becomes repetitive after a while, but was effective in the beginning.

Most of the effects were practical, especially with the spirit, as it's clear all they did was throw on some dark makeup on the actress and let her roam about, however, there are times when some minor CGI was used or some extra makeup was needed. There isn't a lot in terms of gore, with the exception of a decent scene towards the end that involved someone getting their legs sawed off. There's also a nice little homage to The Exorcist in one scene when a priest attempts to exorcise the spirit. All-in-all, the film managed to keep me entertained and I had a good time watching it, and even gave us a decent little twist towards the end.

The film successfully blends a few different genres together and delivers quite a few weird and funny characters to keep us entertained. The story was simple, yet effective, and I had a good time watching this thanks to it not taking itself too seriously. Worth a check if you can find it.

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